Now we are in Santorini, the beautiful island dropped on Miditerranean Sea.

After traveling a whole month, we feel tired and decide to spend one week here.

The weather is really really hot. However, we do enjoy the ocean and food in Santorini.

There are also new friends whom we met and palyed with together here.

We go to the beach and swim every morning.

Because having a lot of time, we visited two traditional villages that only a few tourists will go.

The beautiful and spectacular natrual scenery also inspire us a lot of new ideas.

The sunrise and sunset, the clean blue water, the cute white buildings, the sunshine, the night sky, the moon, and the air are all forgottable.

We'll leave here today and take a night boat back to Athens.

When arriving tomorrow morning, we have to take train to the international seaport Paras and trasfer a big ferry to Bari, Italy.

It'll take 16 and half hours to go to Italy.

After arriving Bari, again we will take a train to Rome. It costs another 6 hours.

This will be a really long trip.


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