Well, I know that this country is located on the northern part of Europe.

However, it's not so far away from the normal world as some crazy pleaces are such as Iceland or Alaska.

Can anyone imagine that the temperature here is only around 24 degrees during the daytime and even lower to 14 degrees at night in mid-summer?

That's insane. Oh, maybe I just know too less.

Anyway, everyone wear his or her coat when going outside but I only have summer clothes in my backpack. That's great...

Amsterdam is a city of freedom. Maybe it is too much free than what I can accpet.

The main street is dirty, crowed and noisy. This kind of situation can't be seen even in the other metropolises such as Paris or Roma.

It seems people can use joint legally in this city. Guys smoke every kind of strange thing on the street.

However, the canals line cross the city are amazing.

They somehow remind me of Venice. However, Venice is much more beautiful.

The ancient and modern buildings in good area are peaceful and pretty.

Besides, the newly constructed main library is really great.

With the best modern design for its outlook and interior, it provides comfortable spaces for people to stay and read.

Most important of all, it serves free internet without any time limitation!!

That's really great! Hundreds of computers set separately can be used as your wish on every floor.

Furthermore, one third of them are Mac (apple computer)!!

The library is very rich and generous to the public.

My sister went back to USA this morning because of her earlier semester begining.

My travel will be end on August 22. There are around 20 days left.

Actually I have no idea about the following trip.

Maybe the Northern Europe will be a good destination. However,

my friend told me living there is almost as expensive as living in British. Well...

Anyway, from now on it's purely my own journey.

Life taught me that one should always prepare for his or her own journey during the lifetime.

I'll be fine. Good luck to you all.

Cheers. Ciao ciao~~


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