Artist name : Kai-Min Hsiung
Year of completion : 2007
Media : two-channel video installation
Length : 30 mins
Equipment required : two LCD monitors, two DVD players, and a synchronizing controller

Statement of Work :

          This work is a two-channel video installation. It was shot in the Upper East Side central park last year. I used two DV cameras to record the raising of the full moon simultaneously. One focused on the moon in the sky while the other focused on the reflection of the moon on the lake. Therefore, the flow of time is the samein these two videos.

          For installation, I use two LCD monitors and put them together on the same height. The right channel shows the moon in the sky and the left one shows the reflection. In addition, the left monitor is put up side down so the layouts of the two screens will be similar to each other. Besides, I use the synchronizing technology to make the exactly changing of frames between channels.

         As to the exhibition space, it needs an individual and totally dark room to show this work.

         It's a piece that discusses the reality and the unreality. Also it's about the dream and time.


        這是件雙頻道錄像裝置藝術. 內容是我去年在中央公園上東城用兩台攝影機同時拍攝滿月月昇的情景. 其中一台攝影機對準天空中的月亮, 另一台則對準湖面上的倒影. 因此這兩段影片紀錄的時間與其流逝是完全相同的.

        關於展出, 我需要兩台液晶螢幕並列在相同高度. 其中右頻道播放天空中的月亮, 左頻道播放湖面倒影. 此外, 我會將左頻道螢幕上下顛倒放置, 如此一來這兩個螢幕上的畫面將是極為類似的. (說出來就不好玩了, 不然每個第一次看的人都會認為湖面倒影是用特效做出來的. anyway). 此外, 我會運用同步技術, 讓畫面在兩個螢幕間做出精準無誤的切換.

        至於展覽空間, 我希望是一間獨立並完全黑暗的房間.

        這件作品探討真實與虛幻. 同時, 它也影射了時間與夢境.



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